Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Letter to Vendors

Dear Methow Valley Farmers Market Vendors: 

 In January the board of directors met to discuss business related to the 2016 market season. One item discussed was a petition requesting a change in attendance requirements. Specifically, the petition requested that craft vendors who attend at least 15 markets in a season be allowed to pay booth fees for the remaining markets (for a total of 19 booth fees) in lieu of attending the market, and still retain an assigned space for the next year.

  Many of the current board members are craft vendors, and we understand the commitment 19 markets in a season represents. However, we also recognize that, beyond the monetary value of your booth fees, your presence at market creates a vibrant and attractive atmosphere that draws customers to the market. Therefore, in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the market as a healthy entity for all vendors, the board of directors voted to retain the 19 market attendance requirement for craft vendors who want to have a permanent space for the next season.

  The board also voted to keep all market fees at their current levels for the 2016 season and will devote additional funds to advertising this year in an effort to bring as many customers as possible to the market. 

 This fall, five Board of Director positions will be up for election. We encourage vendors to run for election to one of these seats. Contact the Market Aide (Jodie Sellers) or any board member if you are interested in being on the ballot. Thank you for your participation in the market, and may we all have a successful season in 2016. 

   Sincerely, Your MVFM board of directors: 
Carolyn Edson
Bonny Stephens (Vice Chair) 
Richard Murray (Treasurer)
Paula Stokes

Dennis Carlton
Samantha Carlin 
Laura Aspenwall 
Susie Kowalczyk
Randy Levine

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