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Shaolin Soccer Full Movie Chinese 17


Shaolin Soccer Full Movie Chinese 17

by the way, the original chinese title for the film is mulans dao de jing or mulans book of poems, which i found amusing. the book itself is one of the classics of chinese literature and is attributed to several different people over the years. it also has multiple titles in chinese, including jingshu zuo, shi shangshi, shi yi ge shen, jingzuo shiyingyin, jingshu xiaozi, shi shi and dao de jing.

according to the international business times, the mermaid has surpassed the local box office record set by the french movie la femme nikita to become the highest-grossing local movie of all time. a more recent local record was set by luv last year, when the hit film grossed $476 million. the 707 million yuan ($107 million) mermaid now sits in second place, just below the record set by the japanese movie resident evil: extinction.

the story of mulan is set in the period when china was threatened by the huns. in the chinese version, mulan is a young girl born into the liaodong region, where she lives with her father, granddad, and her familys pet bear. when the huns invade, mulans dad is killed by the invaders. the spirit of her father shows her the way to the huns camp. when she arrives, she disguises herself as a man and wins a combat challenge. the huns accept her into their ranks, and she agrees to help defeat them. in the process, she gains the respect of the huns, gains the love of two of them, and discovers she has a heart of gold. 3d9ccd7d82


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