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How to Activate Steinberg Software with eLicenser Control Center

How to Activate Steinberg Software with eLicenser Control Center

Steinberg software is a popular choice for musicians, producers and audio engineers who want to create, record and edit music on their computers. However, before you can use Steinberg software, you need to activate it by downloading and storing the required license. This article will explain how to do that using the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) utility.

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What is eLicenser Control Center?

eLicenser Control Center is a license management utility that is installed along with any Steinberg software that uses eLicenser-based license management[^1^]. It allows you to enter activation codes, download and store licenses, and perform maintenance tasks. You can access eLCC from your 'Program Files' (Windows) or 'Applications' (Mac OS X) folder on your computer.

What is an activation code?

An activation code is a 32-digit alphanumeric code that you need to enter in eLCC to download and activate your Steinberg software license. You can get an activation code from different sources, depending on how you purchased your software:

  • If you bought a boxed version of Steinberg software, you will find a Download Access Code printed on a sheet inside the box. You need to redeem this code in the Steinberg Download Assistant to get an activation code[^1^].

  • If you bought a download version of Steinberg software from the online shop, you will receive a confirmation email with either an activation code or a Download Access Code. If you have a Download Access Code, you need to redeem it in the Steinberg Download Assistant to get an activation code[^1^].

  • If you have an older version of Cubase LE, Cubase AI or WaveLab LE, you will get a demo license during the installation. You need to register your software online in your MySteinberg account to get an activation code for a permanent license[^1^].

  • If you need to reactivate your license after reinstalling your software or changing your computer, you can request a new activation code via your MySteinberg account[^2^].

How to activate your license with eLCC?

Once you have your activation code, you can follow these steps to activate your license with eLCC:

  • Install your Steinberg software on your computer. If there are any updates available, install them as well.

  • Open eLCC and click on 'Perform Maintenance Tasks' to synchronize your licenses with the online database.

  • Click on 'Enter Activation Code' and enter your 32-digit activation code.

  • Select where you want to store your license: either in the Soft-eLicenser (locally on hard disk) or on a connected USB-eLicenser (dongle). If you have a USB-eLicenser, make sure it is plugged in before opening eLCC.

  • Click on 'Download License' and wait until the process is completed.

  • Your license is now activated and ready to use.

Troubleshooting tips

If you encounter any problems during the activation process, here are some tips that might help:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection and that eLCC is not blocked by any firewall or antivirus software.

  • Make sure you enter the activation code correctly and without any spaces or hyphens.

  • Make sure you select the correct eLicenser where you want to store your license. If you have a USB-eLicenser, make sure it is recognized by eLCC and that it has enough free space for your license.

  • If you have already used your activation code before, you cannot use it again. You need to request a new one via reactivation[^2^].

  • If you have any questions or issues that are not covered by this article, please contact Steinberg support or visit their help center[^3^].



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